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Purchase Fruit for Your Family


Purchase Fruit for a Needy Family


Buying fresh fruit is a treasured holiday tradition. Most of us have had the experience of pulling oranges out of our stockings on Christmas morning or opening up a box of delicious and healthy oranges we've received from friends, family or business associates.   
This year, NICM is giving you a chance to enjoy the freshest citrus fruit from Florida, make a donation to support our families and even provide fruit to those families all at the same time. You can choose from 10 or 20 pound boxes of Navel Oranges, Red Grapefruit or Tangelos and have the option of receiving the fruit fresh from the

Florida Indian River Groves in November or December.

Thank you! Nashville Inner City Ministry appreciates your support!!


To link to the Florida Indian River Groves Fundraiser Page click HERE


To Purchase your Fruit by credit card  click HERE


At least 35% of the cost of the fruit goes directly to NICM!


To Order By Check Click Here for the Form




As you are completing your form, please note that you have the chance to buy extra boxes of fruit for children, families and the elderly who live in our inner city communities.  The fruit will be distributed in food boxes, at our annual Senior Saints Thanksgiving Lunch, etc.  As you and your family are enjoying your fruit during the holidays, you can know that others are doing the same because of your generosity. 

* Tennessee ranks 6th among all states in Food Hardship
* 22% of Davidson County households with children
are considered to be "food insecure"
* Approximately 1 in every 2 above the age of 60
are considered to be "food insecure"
* Almost 30% of Davidson County residents under the
age of 18 live in poverty 

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