Inner City Staff and Leaders



Victoria Alexander

(Agape Ministry, Outreach Coordinator to Napier & University Court Area)

ph: 615-305-8296


Sharon Brown 

(Our Shining Stars Coordinator and Office Manager)  

ph: 615-255-1726 ext. 102


Chris Boyce


 ph: 615-427-1128



Joe Dill 

(Fleet Manager, Life Skills, Premarital Counselor)

ph: 615-405-7534


Stacey Dixon

(Outreach Coordinator to East Nashville) 

ph: 615-405-6180


Tiffany Dixon

(Life Skills Counselor & Ladies Class Coordinator)

ph: 615-779-3296


Vince Hampton

(Outreach Coordinator to Edgehill Area)

ph: 615-394-4724


Mark Latham

(Song Service)

ph: 615-405-7532


Sherry Reed

(Life Skills Counselor & Sunday Bus Routes)

ph: 615-405-7536


Jeff Smith

Fleet Maintenance)

ph: 615-913-7031


Betsy Thompson

(Codependency Support Coordinator)

ph: 615-255-1726 ext. 103


Sam Thompson

(Video Recordings and Broadcasting)

ph: 615-405-0304

Darrell Weatherspoon
(Fleet Maintenance)
ph: 615-913-7031


Misty Weatherspoon

(Sunday Morning Dispatcher)


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1000 Apex Ave. Nashville, TN 37206


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